In Summation


And in summation, ladies and gentleman, the winery in question did choose to blend many grape varieties. This lead to a wine that offered far more intensity of complex dark fruit aromas and flavors that clearly favored those people who enjoy inexpensive yet rich wines. The mostly Syrah, Zinfandel and Merlot grapes with a smattering of other varieties is what led this winery to create the gentle yet mouth-coating product at hand. A product that caused and still causes jealousy in the hearts of those less fortunate vintners. The only thing this winery is guilty of is hiring talented winemakers. Please note that a bit of chocolatey overtones certainly helps Kendall-Jackson’s case (of 12).

We urge everyone here today to run out and buy this wine before being condemned to doing without.

Kendall-Jackson Summation Red Blend 2012. $17 per bottle at the winery, less in many retail shops.



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