Chateau d’Armailhac Pauillac 1999

In its declining years (but then who isn’t?), the Chateau d’Armailhac Pauillac 1999 is more tobacco, leather and earth with remnants of cassis, blackberry and spice. And when I say remnants I do mean mere scraps. But still, it tasted like a truly old-world Bordeaux (yes, I know it is the old world, but I’m writing a fancy note here). Some older Pauillacs can be on the austere side, especially when the tannins don’t disappear as quickly as the fruit does, and the tannins here took over most of the homestead. But it still reminded me of my Bordeaux-drinking days, unlike the current crop of so much new world crap that informs (infects?) my current palate. I should have opened this bottle five years ago, but I didn’t, ok? And 1999 was a great year for me, because that was the year I decided to give up technology and return to selling wine. I mean who needs money, after all?


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