2009 Marques de Riscal Proximo Rioja


Marques de Riscal Proximo. 2009. “Proximo” means the “next” thing in Spanish and Marques de Riscal produced this wine as an introduction to their lines of Rioja wines (made from the Tempranillo grape).

The wine is certainly well priced at about $10 retail. Usually $10 wines, even the better ones, are generic in quality and in style. But this wine had distinctive character. While you might not guess the grapes were the Tempranillo, you certainly would not think it’s just some generic red from a blend of whatever the winery had leftover after they bottled their good wines.

The wine was lighter than anticipated. Maybe because the vines were young? But there was lots of fruit, both red and black especially berries. Gentle tannins, moderate acidity and delicious with a wide variety of meats, though might not hold up to a charred steak. It’s quite easy to drink, especially if your tastes run more to the European style than California.

he 2010 has a better reputation, though this was delicious, so will try to look for that one too and compare. 


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